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Coach Nesbit Takes Second in Nation

The 2020 USA Water Polo ODP Men's National Championships concluded with a tight game with Coach Kevin Nesbit's Coastal Zone Cadet Team facing off with the Southern Pacific Zone Cadet Team. A hard fought game ended with a crowd pleasing display off the new rules appointed by USAWP in January of 2020. Nesbit's Coastal team displayed a lot of heart and made several runs at Sopac that kept the game interesting and close. The fourth quarter erupted the Riverside Aquatic Center with everyone out of their seats cheering on both teams as they activated their goalies to enter the field of play to play 7v6.

Ultimately Nesbit's team fell to the 6 year reigning champions, however, both teams boys went out smiling and happy with a strong display to onlooking national staff.

Congrats Coach Nesbit on a second consecutive national championship appearance and second placing!

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